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Dr Esho: 'I want to give people who look like me access to careers in medicine'

He is one of Britain’s most celebrated cosmetic doctors whose treatments have helped people across the country to feel beautiful and confident.

Dr Tijion Esho has been the voted the UK’s best aesthetics doctor every year since 2014 and was this year named most influential doctor in the beauty industry.

With the rich and famous flocking to his clinic for treatments like his 24-ct gold champagne facial, he is known to many as the A-list’s best kept secret.

But while he helps many feel confident in their own skin, Dr Tijon - whose popular ESHO brand has made facials available to everyone - often felt out of place as he pursued his career in the cosmetics industry.

At medical school he was one of only two black students in his year: “I remember a girl coming up to me and she was just staring at me and she said, ‘I know this really sounds weird, but you’re the first black person I’ve seen in real life and not on TV’.

“I just thought that was weird, what world am I coming into? Coming from a diverse community to here where people were so limited. Also at the time. I was worried in terms of classism because a lot of people there were from generations of doctors. I was like, am I on the back foot here?

“In the end what showed through was talent. When you’re working through, you gain respect and you move through and you blaze your own path through things.”

Growing up in North London’s Edmonton, he knows all too well the importance of having positive role models and exposure to different career paths. His parents emigrated from Nigeria and they were made to sacrifice their own dreams in order to earn enough money to support their children.


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