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6 Ways To Get Fuller Lips Like Hailey Bieber According To London’s Lip Doctor

According to Dr Tijion Esho - who is widely referred to as 'the lip doctor' - full, over-lined lips are going to be one of the biggest beauty trends of the summer, and it's all down to Hailey Bieber. The 25-year-old model regularly reels in millions of likes at a time with posts that showcase her make-up looks, and her loyal followers are taking note.

While Hailey revealed her go-to liner hack on Instagram last month - read up on it here - Dr Esho is adamant that everyone can achieve plump lips at home without over-lining or looking into fillers - a treatment that's now one of the most popular on the menu UK-wide. Read on for his top tips:

1. Stick To A Routine

'Remember that if you want to keep your lips smooth and hydrated, it takes routine,' says Dr Esho, 'I recommend that people use lip products every single day, multiple times a day if you can. The more regularly you use them, the better the results will be.'

2. Exfoliate

'If your lips are dry and flaky they reflect less light,' says Dr Esho, 'which makes them look smaller.' The answer? 'Use a toothbrush along with a balm to gentle brush away the surface dead skin on your lips.' 'And if you want to go the extra mile,' he says, 'lip masks are a great way to make the most of a moment of self-care and really nourish your lips. Look for ones that contain emollients - these smooth lips by filling in any cracks - and occlusives, waxes or oils that seal the benefits in.'

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