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Best lip plumpers: Products to achieve fuller lips without filler

Plump lips are all the rage, but not all of us are blessed with a pillowy pout.

When Kylie Jenner stepped out with her now signature big lips, it led to a surge in pricey and painful injectables to recreate the look. As of January 2021, lip fillers were the most popular cosmetic procedure searched online in the UK with 40.5 thousand monthly searches.

But what if we told you that you can get fuller lips without the need for filler? Enter the lip plumper - the subtle, painless (and sometimes instant) solution to achieving a plumper pout.

Lip plumpers have been knocking around the beauty shelves for quite some time. Back in the day we were limited to fiery glosses that brought on a burning sensation using irritant ingredients such as peppermint, ginger and cinnamon to increase blood flow.

However, the market is now home to more lightweight formulas that gently plump your lips while simultaneously doing your skin some favours. From soothing serums and cooling creams, to glowy glosses and brilliant balms, you can now add lip plumpers into any step of your skincare routine.


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