The Hurdles That Made Dr. Tijion Esho: From Reluctant Med Student to “ –
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The Hurdles That Made Dr. Tijion Esho: From Reluctant Med Student to “The Lip Doctor” to the Stars

Dr. Tijion Esho never actually wanted to be a doctor, not to begin with anyway. "Being from a Nigerian background, it was kind of thrusted upon me," Dr. Esho told POPSUGAR. His heart was set on becoming a graphic designer. "I'd sketch and draw all the time — I loved it." But little did Dr. Esho know that his family's wishes of him becoming a doctor and his dreams of doing graphic design would carve out the most magical career he could have imagined.

Dr. Esho recalled the time he told his dad he wanted to be an artist and design and draw. "He replied 'not in my house.'" Instead, he was given five choices: doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant, or engineer. Although, at the time, it wasn't what he wanted, Dr. Esho always understood the reasoning. "When you come from developing countries, a lot of the time when you are given the chance, it's almost like you need to have a career that is stable — to survive for your family and everything else. There is almost no room for that creative aspect, because of the level of risk."


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