Are Tom's 'chipmunk cheeks' down to too much filler? Cosmetic doctors –
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Are Tom's 'chipmunk cheeks' down to too much filler? Cosmetic doctors deconstruct THOSE shocking Cruise and Madonna pics

  • Fans of Cruise, 59, were distracted by his 'puffy' skin after he was spotted at a  baseball game in San Francisco with his son Connor this weekend
  • Some speculated on social media Mission Impossible star 'had gained weight or had enhancements' - cosmetic doctor Dr Ross Perry agrees it could be both
  • Leading cosmetic doctor Dr Nyla agreed the star may have 'overindulged' with fillers but Bodyfixers' Dr Tijion Esho said the look could be also 'natural ageing' 
  • Meanwhile Madonna, 63, frequently posts photos on Instagram snaps of her perfect complexion despite being into her seventh decade 
  • Aesthetic Doctor Dr Gabriella Birley says Material Girl singer has 'zero wrinkles' and plumped up cheeks showing no sign of the hollowing that comes with age
  • Dermal fillers cost from around £350, with anti-wrinkle treatments from £250 - with both treatments generally lasting between six and 18 months

Madonna and Tom Cruise have been in the spotlight for nearly 40 years...but it's the 80s mega stars' recently changed looks - not their day jobs - that are sparking attention. 

This weekend, A-list action man Cruise, who celebrates his 60th birthday next July, appeared in the crowd at a San Francisco Giants baseball game with son Connor, 26, - but left many fans distracted by his 'puffy' face - with some saying the Mission Impossible star was barely 'recognisable' and had 'chipmunk cheeks'.

On the other US coast, Madonna was seen with equally plumped-up skin performing an acapella version of Like a Prayer in Harlem; her complexion looking just as peachy as when she first dominated the charts with the same song back in 1989. 



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